AI Talk Member Service Agreement

I.   Definition and Description

1.1 [AI Talk Member and Account].

If you need to use and enjoy the AI Talk membership services, you need to use your cell phone number, which you have the legal right to use, as the membership account and enjoy the relevant membership services after purchase, and AI Talk may also adjust the existing types of membership services and continuously introduce new types of value-added services according to the needs of users and changes in products and service types, in order to continuously optimize and improve this The services will be optimized and improved. The details are based on the actual contents of the services announced and provided on the relevant service pages. You can choose the corresponding services according to your needs.

1.2 [This Agreement].

This Agreement may be amended by AI Talk, and AI Talk will notify users of said amendments in any manner it deems appropriate, including, but not limited to, notifying you by prominently placing a notice on the interface of AI Talk's relevant service or by announcement or SMS. The content of the amendment will be publicized at least seven days prior to its implementation. If you do not agree with the modification, you may stop using the service. Your application will be effective in the next billing cycle after it is accepted. If you continue to use the services provided by AI Talk, you will be deemed to have accepted all the modifications to this Agreement.

1.3 [Contents of this service

1.3.1 This Agreement is deemed to be a supplement to and an integral part of the User Service Agreement and Privacy Policy, and it forms a unified whole with it and is equally effective for both parties.

1.3.2 This Service Content Agreement also includes the content of the relevant agreements and business rules published by AI Talk regarding the Service. Once these contents are officially released, they are an integral part of this agreement and you shall also comply with them.


II. Member Services

2.1 [Member Benefits].

2.1.1 After you open the membership service, you will enjoy the corresponding service experience according to your recharge record and the relevant activities you have participated in. The specific corresponding member service descriptions include but not limited to: space, large file upload, online decompression and other benefits. Some of the membership rights and benefits may not be online for the time being due to differences between devices, please refer to the content displayed on the introduction page of the relevant membership rights and benefits on the website, and relevant content will be added one after another.

2.1.2. All rights and benefits you can enjoy after purchasing AI Talk membership are subject to the membership rights and benefits announced on AI Talk's official website. AI Talk reserves the right to change all or part of the membership rights and benefits based on its own business development needs, and if you disagree with the membership rights and benefits changed in the same month, you can contact AI Talk to negotiate your withdrawal. If you disagree with any changes to your membership benefits, you may contact AI Talk to cancel your membership subscription. AI Talk will update the above-mentioned benefits on the corresponding service page, and you may also check the latest membership benefits through AI Talk's official website or mobile terminal. We also encourage you to review this agreement regularly to better protect your rights and interests.

2.2 [Service Opening].

Users should open the membership service through the existing payment methods specified by AI Talk, including but not limited to Alipay, WeTalk, Apple In-App Payment (IAP), etc., after paying a certain fee in accordance with the contract. After the value-added service is opened, it cannot be used for other commercial purposes, and can only be used for private use, and cannot be transferred or rented.

2.3 [Service Term].

The service period of this service is based on the period you choose and pay the corresponding service fee, you can also visit the corresponding page of AI Talk this service to check.


III. Charges and unsubscribe

3.1 [About fees].

This service is a paid service provided by AI Talk, and you can use this service only after paying the corresponding fees in accordance with the fee schedule of this service, and AI Talk may modify and change the fee schedule and method of this service according to the overall planning of this service, and the aforementioned modifications and changes will be displayed on the corresponding service page by AI Talk. If you want to use the service, please understand the information about the service's fees and methods in advance.

3.2 [Opening of auto-renewal service

3.2.1 Auto-renewal service refers to the service launched on the premise that you have opened this service, out of your demand for auto-renewal and to prevent members from failing to renew their subscriptions in time due to negligence or other reasons. If you choose to activate the auto-renewal service, you authorize AI Talk to entrust the payment channel to deduct the next billing period from the balance of your own top-up account, bound third-party payment account, bank card, etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Accounts") when the membership service term is about to expire or when the subscription cycle of the membership service is about to expire. for the next billing cycle. This service is only possible if you have enabled auto-renewal and bound the relevant account, and the full amount can be successfully deducted from the above-mentioned account.

3.2.2 Billing cycle and effective period: AI Talk provides automatic renewal service for such cycles as monthly, quarterly, and annual (subject to the actual provision), which takes effect after you choose to open until the service expires automatically/you initiate to terminate the service.

3.3 [Automatic deduction rules].

3.3.1 If you choose to enable auto-renewal, you agree to authorize AI Talk to issue debit instructions according to the payment channel's debit rules when the membership service period is about to expire, and agree that the payment channel can debit your account for the next billing cycle without verifying the member account password, payment password, SMS verification code and other information according to the debit instructions issued by AI Talk. Fees.

3.3.2 Unless you voluntarily and explicitly cancel the auto-renewal, your auto-deduction mandate for AI Talk is valid for a long time and unlimited in number.

3.3.3 Since the auto-renewal service requires you to take the initiative to cancel it, if you do not take the initiative to explicitly cancel the auto-renewal, you will be deemed to have agreed that AI Talk may make debit attempts from time to time (even if the amount in your account is insufficient) within a certain period of time after the expiration of the membership service period in accordance with the debit rules of the payment channel. At the same time, you shall be responsible for any losses arising from the failure of renewal due to the amount in your account.

3.3.4 Once the payment is successfully deducted, AI Talk will open the membership service corresponding to the current billing cycle for you, and AI Talk hereby reminds you that the amount of the membership service fee corresponding to the current billing cycle paid by you is based on the auto-renewal price agreed with AI Talk when you open the auto-renewal service. However, in the event that the platform carries out activities or other agreements between AI Talk and you, the aforementioned amount shall be subject to the relevant agreements between AI Talk and you. If the auto-renewal service is cancelled and the auto-renewal service is opened again, the amount of the membership service fee you paid for the current billing period shall be the auto-renewal price agreed with AI Talk when the service is opened again.

3.4 [About unsubscribe].

The membership service is a network commodity and virtual commodity, which adopts the form of first charge and then service. The auto-renewal service supports unsubscription, and the single on-demand (including but not limited to monthly, quarterly and annual on-demand) service does not support unsubscription and refund.

3.4.1 You can choose to unsubscribe (turn off auto-renewal membership service) through the AI Talk Member Center for auto-renewal services that are opened through non-Apple In-Application Payment (IAP) methods; for auto-renewal services that are opened through Apple In-Application Payment (IAP) methods, you need to cancel them according to Apple's inherent procedure: "Settings"  "iTune Store and App Store"  "Apple ID"  "View Apple ID"  "View Apple ID". "Settings"  "iTune Store and App Store"  "Apple ID"  "View Apple ID Click "Subscriptions" on the account settings page  "Cancel Subscriptions", subject to the latest process released by Apple. After the successful cancellation of auto-renewal, it will not affect your current membership rights and benefits, and will not be renewed after the current membership rights and benefits expire, but the costs already incurred in the current period will not be refunded.

3.4.2 When the single on-demand service is opened, the fee is charged at one time and the membership benefits are issued at one time; the membership benefits do not support unsubscribing or refunding the incurred fees after they become effective.


IV. Change, suspension and termination of services

4.1 Suspension or termination of the Service includes the following cases.

(1) User-initiated suspension or termination, including but not limited to initiating refunds, failure to renew when due, etc.

(2) AI Talk actively suspends or terminates the service because of the user's breach of contract.

(3) Other according to laws and regulations, etc. should or need to suspend or terminate the service.

4.2 The user's access to the membership service through system loopholes is not protected by the relevant, and AI Talk has the right to immediately terminate the provision of part or all of the service to the user without prior notice to the user upon discovery.


V. Liability for breach of contract

5.1 You shall not commit any of the following breaches in the course of using the Service.

(1) Violation of the agreement of these terms and conditions.

(2) Violation of laws, rules, regulations, ordinances and any provisions having the force of law.

(3) Disrupt or influence the provision of the Service by AI Talk to any third party.

(4) conduct acts that endanger the security of the computer network.

(5) Those that are determined by the authority to infringe the legitimate rights and interests of any third party.

5.2 You acknowledge and agree that AI Talk reserves the right to take one or more of the following actions if you are, or in AI Talk's sole discretion, believe that you are, in any way in violation of this Agreement or detrimental to AI Talk's reputation or interests.

(1) to take technical measures to delete, block or disconnect the relevant information.

(2) Adopting restrictions on the rights and interests of users to upload, download, play, share and store.

3) To take action to terminate some or all of the membership services.

4) AI Talk is not required to refund any fees to you and the membership service fees paid by you will not be refunded and you will not be compensated/compensated in any form.

(5) You shall bear the loss of your related membership rights and interests, and if your actions cause AI Talk to suffer any loss, you shall bear full responsibility for the loss and complete the payment of fees within the time limit required by AI Talk.


VI. Disclaimers




The information sent by AI Talk models is computer-generated and may be fictitious or incorrect, so please distinguish between right and wrong on your own.


When you use this application to consult a medical issue, this application provides medical advice only and does not represent a medical service or treatment. Users must consult a physician before using this application and are ultimately responsible for medical decisions. The information and services in this application should be used for informational purposes only and do not constitute advice or treatment, and we assume no liability arising from the use of this application.


We use advanced AI models to write, reply and Talk. It can generate emails, essays, poems and any text in over 25 languages. The content is for informational and entertainment use only.


It's a revolutionary AI messaging platform that transforms conversations into entertaining and fun experiences.


Due to improper use by users, authorized third parties (including but not limited to) resulting in the loss of account passwords, misleading users, etc., shall be the responsibility of the users themselves, and have nothing to do with AI Talk.




AI Talk会员服务协议

一.   定义和说明

1.1【AI Talk会员及账号】

您如果需要使用和享受AI Talk会员服务,则您需要将您享有合法使用权的手机号作为会员账号,并在购买后享受相关的会员服务,同时AI Talk也可能会根据用户的需求、产品及服务类型的变化等,对现有会员服务种类进行调整以及不断推出新的增值服务种类,以不断优化、完善本服务。具体以相关服务页面公布、实际提供的内容为准。您可以自行根据需要选择相应服务。


本协议可由AI Talk进行修订,AI Talk将以其认为适当的方式通知用户上述修订,通知的方式包括但不限于在AI Talk相关服务界面显著位置进行通知或公告、短信等方式通知您。修改内容至少在实施前七日予以公示如果您不同意相关修改,可以停止对本服务的使用。您申请受理后将于下一计费周期生效。如您继续使用AI Talk提供的服务,则视为您已经接受本协议全部修改。



1.3.2本服务内容协议同时包括AI Talk发布的关于本服务的相关协议、业务规则等内容。上述内容一经正式发布,即为本协议不可分割的组成部分,您同样应当遵守。





2.1.2.您在购买AI Talk会员后可享受的全部权益以AI Talk官方网站公布的会员权益为准,AI Talk有权基于自身业务发展需要变更全部或部分会员权益,对当月变更的会员权益有异议,可联系AI Talk协商退订。就前述权益调整AI Talk将在相应服务页面进行更新展示,您也可通过AI Talk官方网站或移动端查询最新的会员权益内容。同时我们也鼓励您定期查看本协议内容,以更好地保障您的权益。


用户应该通过AI Talk指定的包括但不限于支付宝、微信、苹果应用内支付(IAP等现有支付方式,在依约支付一定费用后开通会员服务。增值服务开通之后,不可用于其他商业目的,仅可私人使用,且不可进行转让、出租。


本服务的服务期限以您自行选择并支付相应服务费用的期限为准,您也可以登陆AI Talk本服务的相应页面进行查询。




本服务是AI Talk提供的收费服务,您须在按照本服务的收费标准支付相应费用后,方可使用本服务。AI Talk可能会根据本服务的整体规划,对本服务的收费标准、方式等进行修改和变更,前述修改、变更,AI Talk将在相应服务页面进行展示。您若需要获取、使用本服务,请先提前了解清楚当时关于本服务的收费标准、方式等信息。


3.2.1自动续费服务是指在已开通本服务的前提下,出于对于自动续费的需求,避免会员因疏忽或其他原因导致未能及时续费而推出的服务。如选择开通自动续费服务的,即授权AI Talk可在会员服务期限即将过期时或会员服务的订阅周期即将到期时,委托支付渠道从与您的自有充值账户、绑定的第三方支付账户、银行卡等(以下统称“账户”)余额中代扣下一个计费周期的费用。该服务实现的前提是您已开通自动续费及绑定相关账户,且可成功从其上述账户中足额扣款。

3.2.2计费周期与有效期限:AI Talk提供如月度、季度、年度等(具体以实际提供的为准)周期的自动续费服务,选择开通后生效,直至服务到期自动终止/主动终止本服务。


3.3.1您若选择开通自动续费,则视为同意授权AI Talk可在会员服务期限即将过期时,依据支付渠道的扣款规则发出扣款指令,并同意支付渠道可以根据AI Talk发出的扣款指令,在不验证会员账户密码、支付密码、短信校验码等信息的情况下从账户中扣划下一个计费周期的费用。

3.3.2除非主动明确地取消了自动续费,否则,AI Talk的自动扣款委托长期有效、不受次数限制。

3.3.3由于自动续费服务需要您主动操作取消,如果您未主动明确地取消自动续费,则将视为您同意AI Talk可依据支付渠道的扣款规则在会员服务期限到期后的一定期限内进行不时的扣款尝试(即使您账户内金额不足)。同时由于账户内金额导致续费失败而产生的相关损失,由自行承担。

3.3.4一旦扣款成功,AI Talk将为您开通本次计费周期对应的会员服务,AI Talk在此特别提醒您,您所支付的本次计费周期对应的会员服务费用的金额以您在开通自动续费服务时,与AI Talk约定的自动续费价格为准:但在平台开展活动或其他AI Talk与您另有约定的情形下,前述金额以AI Talk与您的相关约定为准。同时,在自动续费服务取消后,再次开通自动续费服务的,您所支付的本次计费周期对应的会员服务费用的金额以再次开通时,与AI Talk约定的自动续费价格为准。



3.4.1 通过非苹果应内支付(IAP)方式开通自动续费服务,您可通过AI Talk会员中心自主选择退订(关闭自动续费会员服务);通过苹果应用内支付(IAP)方式开通的自动续费服务,需按苹果公司的固有流程进行取消:在设置”→“iTune StoreApp Store”→“Apple ID”→“查看Apple ID”→在账户设置页面点击订阅”→“取消订阅”即可,具体以苹果最新发布的流程为准。自动续费取消成功后,不影响您当期已生效的会员权益,当期会员权益到期后将不再续费,但当期已经发生的费用不再退回。

3.4.2 开通单次点播服务,费用一次性收取,会员权益一次性发放到位;会员权益生效后不支持退订,也不支持退回已发生的费用。





2)因为用户违约行为,AI Talk主动中止或终止服务的。


4.2用户通过系统漏洞获取的会员服务的行为,不受相关保护,在被发现时AI Talk有权在无需事先通知用户的情况下立即终止向用户提供部分或全部服务。






3)破坏、影响AI Talk对任何第三方提供本服务;



5.2您知悉并同意,如果您存在或AI Talk经独立判断后认为您存在任何违反本协议或有损AI Talk的声誉、利益的行为的,AI Talk有权采取以下或多项处理措施:




4)AI Talk无需向您退还任何费用,且您已交纳的会员服务费将不予退还,且不获得任何形式的补偿/赔偿;

5)您的相关会员权益的损失由您自行承担,如您的行为使AI Talk遭受任何损失,您应当承担全部损失赔偿责任并在AI Talk要求的时限内完成费用支付。






AI Talk 模型发出的信息是由计算机生成,可能是虚构的,可能是错误的,请您自行辨别是非。




我们使用先进的的AI模型来写作、回复和聊天。它可以生成超过 25种语言的邮件、论文、诗歌和任何文本。内容仅供参考、娱乐使用。




由于用户使用不当,授权第三方(包括但不限于)导致账号密码丢失、误导用户等,应由用户自行负责,与AI Talk无关。